Project 3. Adaptation effect of cross-species biological motion perception

Research background

• Detection, analysis, and prediction of other living beings from their body motion is a crucial ability of the human and animal visual system.
• It is an important phenomenon that humans, as well as some other species, can effectively perceive biological motion (BM) merely from a few light points describing the moving trajectories of major body joints.
• These findings suggest the existence of a sophisticated, experience-independent, and cross-species “life motion detector” for local BM information, presumably embodied in the primitive and homologous architecture of all vertebrate neural systems.

Experiment design

1. Behavioral experiment
2. fMRI experiment


Behavioral results

• We observed the expected results.
• Unpublished results, for more information, please contact me.


Co-author: Rui Wang, Assistant Research Fellow & Yi Jiang, Prof.
Copyright: Ruidi Wang.
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