Self introduction

I was born in Rizhao, Shandong province, a small city located in a beautiful part of the world. Growing up in a loving, working-class family, I developed a strong appreciation for the values of hard work and perseverance. Living near the sea has granted me the privilege of experiencing the captivating beauty it offers. I have developed a deep affection for the sea, not only for its delightful taste but also for its mesmerizing sound, which never fails to enchant me.

I have a great passion for science as it has the power to open my mind and broaden my horizons. During my childhood, I was very interested in biology, which can tell me why plants are different from animals, and so on. As I grew up, I realized a problem that I was quite introverted and highly sensitive to the gaze of others. This made me feel uncomfortable, to the point where I would avoid making eye contact with people while engaging in conversations. This kind of embarrassing thing has been bothering me, I tried to find a way to solve it, so I chose to study psychology to know why I am like this.

During my college, I had a really good teacher who told me what autistic traits are, and she gave me a lot of support and encouragement. In the college courses, I gradually became interested in human cognition and the human brain. I began to learn how to read the brain, trying to interpret the black box of the brain.


Directions for future research in my mind


The third phase for brain research

How can the integration of resting-state and task-based fMRI enhance our understanding of the brain?


AI and human brain

How can artificial intelligence aid in our understanding of the human brain?


Human's perception in the lifespan

Bio-social information plays a crucial role in human cognition and behavior; How did humans develop the ability to quickly recognize and interpret social signals?

Funny part

Keep learning and stay healthy